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Watch Crystal 1,6 x 1,0 mm

1,6 x 1,0 x 0,50 mm
CL 9.0 / 12.5 pF, 2 Pads

Product Description


Nominal Frequency (kHz) 32.768
Load capacitance (CL) 9.0, 12.5 pF
Frequency tolerance ( @25°C) +/-10, +/-20, +/- 50, +/-100 ppm
Storage temp. range -55°C to +125°C
Operating temperature range -40° – +85°C
Turnover temp. 25°C +/-5°C
Parabolic coefficient -0.03 +/-0.01 x 10-6
Motional resistance 90 kOhm Max.
Motional capacitance 6.0 fF Typ.
Level of drive µW 0.5 max.

Please consult us for customized specifications.
All specifications and marking subjected to change without notice.

Watch Crystal 1,6x1,0

Additional Information


Compact design 1.6 x 1.0 x 0.50 mm weight ~ 4.0 mg
Ceramic package and metal lid assures extreme accuracy and high reliability by electron beam sealing
Lead-free soldering is available


Smart Cards, Small Portable Devices, Medical Telemetry, Handheld Devices, Mobile Phone, Wireless Products


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