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Synthetic Quartz Crystal

Synthetic Quartz Crystal Product

For SAW Components
For Wafer Stepper / Semiconductor
For Optical Application

Product Description

High Crystal Wafer

Material RH single crystal quartz
Dimensions φ10 to 100 mm (X ,Y-cut)  
φ10 to 150 mm (Z-cut)
Square 10 to 270mm
Thickness From 250 to 2000µm // standard 350 and 520 µm
Crystal plate azimuth Z-cut or Y-cut or X-cut or AT cut or Miller index
Inclusion density Grade Ⅰa to Ⅰb
Infra-red quality indications Grade Aa to C
Etch channel density Grade 1 to 2
Front surface Optical Polish
Back surface Fine lapped typically / optical Polish
Synthetic Quartz Crystal Synthetic Quartz Crystal 1


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