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Synthetic Quartz Components for Optics

Product Description

Wavelength Plate

HWP(1/2 Wave Plate) QWP(1/4 Wave Plate)
Monolithic Double Layer Monolithic Double Layer
Phase retardation tolerance 180°±5°(at hte center of wavelength) 90°±5°(at the center of wavelength)
Crystal plate orientation Y-cut or X-cut Y-cut or X-cut
Wavelength 380 to 930 nm 380 to 930 nm
Outline dimensions φ10 to φ50mm, 5 to 50mm square φ10 to φ50mm, 5 to 50mm square
Thickness 0.1 to 2.0mm 0.22 to 2.0mm 0.2 to 2.0mm 0.22 to 2.0mm
Wavefront aberration ≤1/4λ(P-V) ≤2λ(P-V) ≤1/4λ(P-V) ≤2λ(P-V)
Transmittance 99% (λ=632.8nm) 98% (λ=632.8nm)
AR multiple coating AR multiple coating


Laser Device, Semiconductor Exposure Apparatus, Liquid Crystal Exposure Apparatus, etc.

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