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Spread Spectrum Oscillators

General Data Sheet

Product Description

A Drop-in Replacement Solution For Your EMI / EMC Compliance Problem

The principle sources of the EMI problem came from the system clocks.
Therefore, rather than patch the problem with ferrite beads, EMI filters, ground
Plane and metal shielding, the most efficient and economic way to reduce
The peak radiation energy is to use the low EMI clock oscillator.
Compared with the conventional clock oscillators, Mercury HM57 series
Spread spectrum ( dithered) clock oscillators can reduce EMI as much as 12 dB.
The beauty is a drop-in replacement for your existing 5×7 clock oscillator.
No need to re-spin the board.

Applications Printers ; Multiple function printers (MPCs)
Applications Digital copiers ; PDAs
Applications Networking ; LAN / WLAN ;Routers
Applications Storage systems ( CD-ROM, VCD, DVD and HDD)
Applications Scanner ; Modems; Projectors
Applications  Hand-Held ID readers
Applications Embedded systems; Electrical musical instrument
Applications Automotive; GPS car navigation systems
Applications LCD PC monitors /LCD TV’s
Applications ADSL; PCMCIA
Applications Still Digital Cameras (SDC’s)

Additional Information

Modulation Types

Output amplitude (dB) vs frequency span (MHz)


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