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Pin to hole MCF

8,0 – 150,0 MHz
HC49/u; UM-1; UM-5; UM-4

Product Description

Specifications (example)

Size various
Nominal Frequency 8 ~150 MHz
Pass Bandwidth 3.0 dB: ±15.0 KHz min.
Attenuation Bandwidth 15.0 dB: ±60 KHz min.
Pass-band Ripple 1.0 max. dB
Insertion Attenuation 2.0 max. dB
Impedance TBD (e.g. 3.0 dB max.)
Ultimate Attenuation 4000 (Ω) // -0.8 (pF)
Operating Temperature range (-20~85°C)

Products with specific requirements are available upon request.


Additional Information

Low impedance
Frequency range 8.0 ~ 150 MHz ( fund ; 3rd OT)
Up to 8 Pole MCF possible ( also one package type)


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