HC49U b klein

HC-49/U Crystal Unit

3.0 – 150 MHz
Fundamental, 3rd OT, 5th OT

Product Description


Frequency ~1,5 MHz – 180MHz
Load capacitance (CL) 8 pF – 32 pF, series
Frequency tolerance ( @25°C) ± 10 … ± 50 ppm
Frequency stability ± 10 … ± 50 ppm
Operating temperature range -40 … +85°C
ESR 25-500 Ω max.
Dimension Refer to Drawing

Please consult us for customized specifications.

Dimension Refer to Drawing

Crystal Unit HC 49u series

Additional Information


Precise performance (tight tolerance and stability available)
Excellent heat resistance and environmental characteristics.
High mechanical shock resistance
Suitable for reflow soldering
Automatic mount by tape and reel


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